Newsletters - informative!

Below are the new Pratt Computing Technology monthly newsletters. Click on the month to read the entire issue.

December 2016 -  Merry Christmas from Pratt Computing Technologies!
November 2016 - articles include:  "6 Questions to Ask Before Moving to VoIP"
October 2016 - articles include:  "The One Attack No Tech Can Stop"
September 2016 - important for all: "Lost Employee Smartphone?  Do This NOW!"
July 2016 - information about Cloud choices in "What's New" and "Navigating the Cloud: Gold Mine... or Minefield"
June 2016 - articles include: "The #1 Cure for a Sluggish PC"
May 2016 - "What's New - Skype for Business" and "Your #1 Data Security Threat (and How to Defeat It)" are among the articles.
April 2016 - articles include: "Will Your Backups Be There When You Need Them?"
March 2016 - article on Web Content Filtering included.
February 2016 - articles include: "Why Slackers Love Tech" and "Forget Something?"